The 10 Unique Fruit That You Should Not Miss

There are about a thousand kinds of fruits and plants all over the world. Therefore, we believe that there are numerous unique crops that you have not seen, even heard about. This article will show you some types of unique fruits that can reveal your new chapter about fruit.

1. Durian – A cuisine from Southeast Asia

Unique Fruit

Durian is derived from as well as is mainly cultivated in Southeast Asia countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia. In several areas, it is called “the King of Fruit”. When this fruit gets ripe, it has a quite strong, featured aroma that you can smell even though you are far away from it. The flesh is bright-yellow, tender, sweet, and greasy. This edible part is used for eating straight, making desserts, or smoothies. Nowadays, you can easily buy this unique fruit in the Asia market, store, or groceries.

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2. Mangosteen – “The queen of fruit”

Unique Fruit

Mangosteen, in Chinese and some other cultures, is called “the queen of the fruit”. Probably this name comes from the appearance with the top which looks like “a crown”. The fruit has pale green skin when young and becomes light pink to purple when ripe. In fact, mangosteen is harvested when it is still light pink in color and hard because it can become ripe by itself for 2 or days after that. Mangosteen has thick skin with white flesh. The flesh’s taste and texture also change parallel with the color. 

When eating mangosteen, you can use the knife, gently cut the fruit horizontally and open it. Then you can eat straight away. About the seed, it is very bitter, hence, you should remove the seeds as eating. The flesh can be a combination of sweetness and sourness, based on the weather and care. However, the flavor which is usually mentioned is sweet.

3. Acai – A fruit with a charming color

Another unique fruit that you have probably heard for the first time, is acai. This develops on palm trees and is originated from South America. The appearance of acai is partially the same as blueberries. However, the color of acai is more purple and darker. The skin does not have a layer of wax similarly to blueberries, either.

Acai is described as having the taste of chocolate and wild berries. Nowadays, you can approach acai with ease in the smoothies, dried, and mixed with granola. Acai is also sold in the frozen puree form. Similar to other kinds of berries, acai comprise various nutrients including minerals and antioxidants.

4. Starfruit – A new option for your salad

Starfruit is remarkable with its color as well as its taste. However, it is still a strange fruit for many people. Starfruit is native to Southeast Asia. It has a pale green color when young and becomes yellow as it ripens. The fruit includes very low calories in each but is rich in fiber and vitamin C. Starfruit is so easy to eat by washing, cutting, and enjoying straight away. You can add them to the salad menu. However, if you have issues with kidneys, you should avoid eating them since starfruit includes oxalic acid which creates kidney stones.

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5. Breadfruit – Enjoy a new spongy taste 

Breadfruit has commonly appeared on the Pacific islands for thousands of years, the fruit has a size like a football with a fresh green color on the skin. Its name comes from its spongy texture like bread when it gets roasted. However, it has a mild flavor, hence it is used as a replacement for potatoes by crushing or fried. The breadfruit includes a high amount of complex carbs, fiber, and potassium instead of fat and gluten. You can buy it in the Caribbean market or farmers’ market. Before cooking, cut the top of the fruit and place the fruit-side down to remove the sap.

5. Jackfruit – a giant fruit with sweetness

Unique Fruit

Jackfruit is the biggest kind of fruit in the world that can reach up to 100 pounds. Derived from India, it became more common as an alternative meat option in foods like tacos. Its texture is stringy similar to pulled pork. The sweetness as well as the soft level of jackfruit’s flesh change based on its ripens. The riper the fruit is, the more delicious it tastes. Jackfruit is loaded with vitamin B, C, and potassium. In many countries, jackfruit is used for both desserts and vegetarian foods even though in fact, eating the seedless flesh is fresh and amazing.

6. Dragon fruit – A tropical gift

Unique Fruit

Dragon fruit, indeed, is grown and developed on a cactus. The fruit is native to Central and South Africa. The skin with pink or yellow color is inedible. However, the flesh, which is usually in white and pink color, brims with black seeds. This inner part is quite cool, crunchy, and sweet like kiwi and pears. Dragon fruit is applied in making desserts, cocktails, salad, and even eating straight away. Dragon fruit provides a high amount of fiber, vitamin, and minerals that are good for improving digestive tract activities.

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7. Cactus pear – Pear is not a pear

The next unique fruit in this list is the cactus pear. It has prickles, and in fact, it is not included in any pear types list. It is a cactus species that is derived from the Americas. Both the pads (nopales) and the fruit (tunas) are edible. When you pick a cactus pear in the store, the prickly parts are usually eliminated. (If not, remember to use the gloves to peel out.) Cactus pear is rich in calcium, antioxidants such as vitamin C. You can see cactus pear in some foods such as syrup, candy, and jelly.

8. Passion fruit – A great option for your kitchen

Passion fruit is native to South America. Spanish missionaries named it for its plant’s five-petaled flower, which they saw as symbols of Christ’s injuries in the crucifixion. Its appearance color is usually purple and red with the yellow inner flesh covering the black seeds. The smell is uniquely recognizable aromatic with a slight sourness-sweetness. Passion fruit is loaded with vitamin C and fiber that are effective for enhancing the immune system. To use this fruit, you just need to cut it in half, then use the spoon to scoop out the flesh. Passion fruit is not only applied in the kitchen but also in the industrial foods as one of the most common tastes in products.

9. Lychee – A sweetness behind a ugly appearance

The red fruit with bumpy skin is still strange to many people. Lychee originated from China, but nowadays, it is cultivated in many countries like Vietnam, Africa, Central & South America, and the United States. The size of the lychee is small, from 0.75 to 1.3 inches. The outer can not be eaten, however, the inner is really delicious. The most remarkable taste is a strong sweetness. Lychee is loaded with vitamin C, antioxidants, and minerals. Lychee can be eaten or cooked right after you open it and remove its seed. 

Beyond the 10 unique fruits in the list, there are many kinds of strange fruits all over the world. If you get a chance to try it, do not hesitate to take a bite. You will probably find your new favorite fruit.

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