Korean Chilly: Excellent Source Of Vitamin C That Help You Build Up A Resistance

Korean Chilly is a green color fruit similar to bell peppers. Unlike other chili peppers, they taste not spicy but have a mild sweet taste. You can eat it raw or use it with grilled dishes for a great taste. Moreover, this fruit is also a great source of nutrients that you should not miss. Find out more information in our article below! 

1. Information About Korean chilly

Korean Chilly is one of the great spices in daily dishes, they stimulate the taste buds and make the dish more attractive. When grown in places with abundant water, this chili can grow fast and give a high yield, eye-catching color, and delicious taste.

In terms of taste, Korean Chilly does not have a spicy taste like other chili peppers, but they have a mild sweet and sour taste. When eaten raw, you will feel a slightly pungent taste on the tongue which is very stimulating. According to nutritionists, this fruit is also a rich source of nutrients that are good for the body that you should eat more often.

2. Nutrition value in Korean chilly

Korean Chilly

Maybe you are someone who does not eat chili frequently, but for Korean chilly, we ensure that you will certainly not be able to resist. In fact, people often eat this chili raw to enjoy its full nutritional value. Specifically, Korean chilly contains:

  • A good source of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B6
  • Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron.
  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • Fiber

With such nutritional value, regularly eating Korean chilly will provide you with a great source of vitamins and minerals and you will not worry about your body being nutritionally deficient.

3. Some great benefits of Korean Chilly

For a long time, chili has been an indispensable ingredient in every family’s kitchen because they have a special taste. In particular, when served with grilled dishes sure to explode in your mouth. But did you know that this fruit also brings a lot of health benefits? Let’s check it now!

Protects skin from harmful environmental factors

Korean Chilly

As we have mentioned above, Korean Chilly contains a large amount of vitamin C that plays an important role in anti-aging, and protects the skin from environmental aggressors. In addition, vitamin C also has the ability to promote the increase of collagen under the skin naturally, smoothing wrinkles and thereby giving you youthful and healthy skin.

Resist radiation 

Korean Chilly

According to a study by a doctor at the University of Oxford, England, all types of chili, including Korean chilly, have the effect of protecting the DNA under the skin. This means that if you eat chili regularly, you will create a membrane that protects cells from radiation from the environment.

By protecting your DNA, your skin will reduce the harmful effects of UV rays on the skin, make it healthier and prevent the risk of skin cancer. Moreover, this fruit also helps promote the activity of the blood circulation system, increasing the activity of neurons. So, using chili will reduce the risk of serious diseases, thereby helping us to prolong our life.

Strengthen the body’s resistance

Korean Chilly

Wonderfully, Korean chilly contains a large amount of capsaicin – researched to keep the body warm, remove toxins from the body and reduce the risk of catching a cold. This is one of the reasons why many people love to add this spice to their daily meals.

In addition, eating Korean chilly also helps protect the body from the risk of respiratory diseases, prevent prostate cancer and reduce chest tightness. It can be seen that capsaicin is a “golden key” that brings a lot of health benefits. According to the advice of nutritionists, you can eat about 3 Korean chillies per day to reap the greatest benefits.

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4. What to note when using Korean Chilly? 

There is no denying that Korean chilly offers many great benefits to the body, but if not used properly, it can cause side effects, affecting health. Therefore, the following are the notes when using this chili:

Those who are hot in the body should not eat Korean chilly

Although this chili has a very attractive sweet and sour taste, it contains a large amount of capsaicin that can stimulate the activity of cells. If you are experiencing heat in the body, sores in the oral cavity, you should not eat. Eating chili will make you feel more burning and the condition will be more serious.

Patients with hemorrhoids should not eat

People with hemorrhoids will be very sensitive to foods containing capsaicin. Because they will make your pain worse. Therefore, if you are suffering from hemorrhoids, you should remove Korean chilly from your meals.

Pregnant women should not use

Eating chili during pregnancy will adversely affect the development of the fetus. Specifically, the baby may experience itchy and red skin. Moreover, eating chili will make the quality of breast milk decline, it can make the baby hot in the body.

Do not use chili for people with red eyes

Korean Chilly kicks like the body to produce heat and make us feel hot inside. This also directly affects other parts, especially the eyes. Chilies weaken the corneas of pinkeye patients, so they are not recommended for these people.

Do not use it for patients with cholecystitis

Eating chili also affects the elasticity of the gallbladder. This has been tested by doctors. If you have cholecystitis but still regularly eat chili peppers, it will cause pain in the liver area, leading to difficulty sleeping and discomfort.

5. What dishes can be made with Korean Chilly? 

Korean Chilly is commonly used as a condiment to make dishes more attractive. They can be eaten raw and when combined with grilled dishes, the salad dishes will taste great.

In addition, you can combine Korean chilly with other ingredients such as squid, beef, surely you will never forget its taste.

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