What is Sapote Mamey? Nutrition and Healthy Benefits Of Sapote Mamey

Sapote Mamey may be a strange name to many people. Does it include nutrients? Which healthy benefits can Sapote Mamey bring to you? Is it easy to buy Sapote Mamey? Now several elements about Sapote Mamey will be shown in this article.

1. What is Sapote Mamey? Origination of Mamey

Sapote Mamey, as known as, Pouteria Sapota (there are some other names in different countries) is a kind of ornamental evergreen tree. When matured, it can reach a height of about 49 to 148 ft (15 to 45 meters). The stalk of the tree is large and has dark brown phloem. The leaves of Mamey are rather large and dark green.

Sapote Mamey originated from Mexico and Central America. Many reports show that Mamey has been developed wild for many years while there are some pieces of evidence that the fruits of the tree are an ingredient to make food and medicine in the ancient Mayan civilization. Through several thousands of years of its history, numerous varieties of Mamey have been formed.

Nowadays, Sapote Mamey is spread in South America and the Caribbean as well as some regions in Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

2. Feature of Sapote Mamey fruit

Mamey fruit’s size is often medium to large, around 4 to 10 in (10 to 25cm) in length and about 3 to 4 in (8 to 12cm) in width. Once touched, the skin of the fruit is similar to sandpaper with the fuzz as well as light to dark brown. 

The fruit must be eaten when it is really ripe. On eating feeling, a balanced sweet comes first with the soft and creamy flesh. The taste of Mamey is described as a mix between potatoes, pumpkins, and honey. When getting ripe and peeled, the flesh is usually salmon in color.

3. Nutrition of Sapote Mamey

Mamey includes many nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus (good for bone), iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium (good for nerves).

For clear stats, these are (about) nutritional values in 100 grams (0.2 lb) of Mamey fruit:

  • Calories: 124
  • Total fat: 0.5 grams
  • Sodium: 7 milligrams
  • Carbohydrate: 32 grams
  • Protein: 1.5 grams
  • Calcium: 18 milligrams
  • Iron: 0.8 milligrams
  • Potassium: 454 milligrams

Warning: levels of calories in Mamey are high for those on a weight-loss diet. Mamey in smoothies, jam probably contains higher calories content.

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4. Healthy Benefits From Sapote Mamey

Weight Control

Selecting food with reasonable nutrition percent is one of the main ways to adjust weight. About Mamey, it contains high calories level and remarkable carbohydrate content. These nutritional quantities will keep the satiety longer. However, you should use it in a reasonable way to avoid the reverse effect.

Cardiovascular Health

Soluble fiber and potassium in Mamey will keep the cardiovascular status at a good level. Soluble fiber supports the process of increasing the advantaged cholesterol while potassium maintains normal activities of heart function and keeps blood pressure under control. 

Promotion of Immune Function

Sapote Mamey includes numerous vitamin C which has a considerable effort on the free-radical then excluding them. Another advantage of vitamin C in Mamey is to support the immune system working more effectively. 

Support to Treat Anemia

Anemia happens to those who do not create red blood cells sufficiently, which is a direct reason for fatigue or pains. The plentiful amount of vitamin B6 inside Mamey is necessary to create hemoglobin which is delivered by red blood cells across the body and transfer oxygen to the cells as well as gathering iron.

Support Lowering Cholesterol

There is some evidence showing that copper affects lowering the amount of bad cholesterol along with boosting the level of good cholesterol. Usual absorbing Mamey will reduce the chance of cholesterol disease such as heart attack, fat, strokes.

Support Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) 

Supplying vitamin E before and after a menstrual period of 2-3 days will reduce symptoms relating to PMS like cramping, fatigue, tender breasts, etc. Sapote Mamey is one of the best natural vitamin E sources that support reducing the pain as well as the amount of menstrual blood loss. It performs those things by adjusting your natural hormones as well as keeping the menstrual period controlled.

Positive Effect On Bone Health

Potassium in Sapote Mamey has a useful effect on bone health. Potassium includes some qualities that neutralize a lot of acids along with keeping and preserving calcium to utilize for strength and durability. Moreover, some reports show that potassium improves the strength and the life of your bone.

Better Skin’s Color

Uneven skin tone is a sign of anemia. As mentioned before, anemia happens when lacking red blood cells. Supplying the iron from Sapote Mamey will improve the skin tone. 

Support Brain Function Working Better

The research shows that vitamin B3 in Mamey can reduce the chance of Alzheimer’s along with other diseases related to age leading to cognitive decline. Surprisingly, vitamin B3 has a considerable effect on the treatment of diseases related to the brain such as memory loss, chronic syndrome brain, etc.


  • How to choose ripe Sapote Mamey?

The ripe Mamey will get the wrinkly and soft skin before you peel it. Another notice is that on the skin, there is no or just a little brown dot. When opening, the color of the flesh is usually salmon.

  • How to preserve Sapote Mamey?

You can keep Mamey at room temperature until it gets softer. Also, you can keep it in the refrigerator in plastic for a few weeks. 

  • How to serve Sapote Mamey?

Sapote Mamey can be eaten straight after peeling skin. Another way you can try is to freeze the flesh and make smoothies with other favorite fruits.

Sapote Mamey will be a new choice for you to diversify your meals since this kind of fruit not only includes various vitamins and minerals but also brings a new amazing flavor. However, you should consider the amount to get the best nutrient result.


What is Sapote Mamey? Nutrition and Healthy Benefits Of Sapote Mamey

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