Meyer Lemon: How to grow and care for them?

Where does the Meyer Lemon tree come from? What characteristics do they have that make them different from other lemons? Find out with LongProduce through the information below.

1. Origin and characteristics of the Meyer Lemon tree

Meyer Lemon

The Meyer Lemon tree is said to be the result of a cross between an orange tree and a lemon tree. This plant is very sunny, has green foliage, fragrant flowers, and is self-pollinating.

When receiving enough sunlight and proper care, the Meyer Lemon tree will bear fruit regularly and the fruit quality is very good.

2. Where does the Meyer Lemon tree come from?

The Meyer Lemon tree originated in China, known in 1908. After that, the tree became very popular around the world.

In the 1960s, much of the Meyer Lemon grown in California was killed off by a virus. This virus threatened the entire citrus industry at that time. Fortunately, a new cultivar of Meyer Lemon has been bred, which is healthier and more resistant to this virus.

A Meyer lemon tree grafted onto a rootstock will bear fruit in about two years. If planted from seeds, it can take 4-7 years for the tree to bear fruit.

This plant is quite cold-tolerant, growing well in sunny areas all year round around the world.

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3. Identification characteristics of the tree Meyer Lemon

When comparing the fruit of a Meyer lemon with other citrus fruits such as lemons, tangerines, and lemons, it is easy to see the differences.

In appearance, the fruit of the Meyer lemon tree looks smaller and rounder. The color of the fruit ranges from dark yellow to orange with dark yellow citrus zests.

The fruit of the Meyer lemon tree contains moderate levels of acidity. They have a sweeter taste than other oranges – lemons, so many people call them sweet lemons.

Many people often use them in several dishes such as lemon meringue and candy, salads, sauces, …

This fruit is an extremely powerful source of vitamins, especially high in vitamin C, antioxidants, and other nutrients.

4. How to grow and care for Meyer Lemon plants?

Meyer Lemon

Meyer Lemon is suitable for growing in outdoor pots, can be brought indoors when winter comes.

This is a simple fruit tree for us to grow and care for. Let’s take a look at LongProduce’s Meyer lemon tree care instructions!

Conditions that help Meyer Lemon trees grow wel

  • The plant needs a moderate amount of water and loose, nutrient-rich soil. We should not water too much, if flooded, the tree will have root rot and die.
  • The source of the soil for planting trees ensures good drainage, is soft and ensures the growth of plant roots.
  • Make sure the pot is large enough (equivalent to a canopy), with a good drainage hole.
  • The plant needs enough sunlight, at least 6 hours a day, and avoids strong winds that can knock the tree down.
  • We can use some specialized fertilizers for citrus fruit trees. Especially do not fertilize plants in winter.

Things to keep in mind when growing Meyer Lemon trees

  • Do not leave the stump in water for too long, this will cause the plant to rot its roots.
  • Do not leave the plant outside too cold, should put the plant indoors when the temperature is low, especially the freezing temperature.
  • Do not apply too much fertilizer.
  • Do not leave the plants for too long in the shade, they grow well when there is enough light.

Above are the do’s and don’ts when growing this type of lemon. Here are some questions about growing Meyer lemons indoors.

5. How to choose the right Meyer lemon tree pot?

If you don’t plan to repot your plants, choose a pot that’s 12-15 inches tall and about the same diameter. This is the right size for the tree to grow well until it grows and bears fruit.

6. Best care for Meyer lemon trees?

Meyer lemon trees have quite a lot of pests such as whiteflies, cicadas, mealybugs, … they often damage leaves and young sprouts. Some species even destroy flowers and fruits. To protect trees, we should regularly observe and intervene promptly.

We can also use some kind of plant-based insect repellent to protect plants. When the plant’s flower and bear fruit, they can be covered with cloth or paper bags.

7. How to pollinate a Meyer lemon tree?

The Meyer lemon tree can flower from the third or fourth year. This could come sooner if we take better care of them.

We can completely pollinate plants by acting on the stamens and pistils of lemon flowers.

Use a cotton swab, lightly touch the pollen grains and pollinate the blooming flowers. Note to be very gentle because the flowers are easy to fall off.

The fruiting capacity of the Meyer lemon tree is quite high, so please rest assured.

8. Should the tree be pruned?

This is a pretty common question. If you take good care of them and the canopy grows too big. We can report it to a larger pot so that the plant is “comfortable”.

If you want to prune the tree, you can, too, prune the growths on the top of the tree, but the damaged ones. We should not prune the lower branches, although they do not look as beautiful as the top, the rate of flowering is very high.

9. How to harvest Meyer Lemon berries?

When ripe, Meyer Lemon will have a beautiful bright yellow color, the fruit is large enough for the palm. When you need to use it, you can directly pick your lemons, the feeling will be great!

Bottom line

Meyer Lemon stands out for its sweetness and lower acidity than other lemons, widely used in salads and sauces.

Meyer Lemon plants grow well need a lot of suns and should not be submerged in water. Bring the plant indoors if it’s too cold outside.


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