Is fruit good for hydration? Yes, and you should eat them daily!

As we know, hydration is very important for the body, it determines the life of each cell and facilitates the transportation of nutrients. Nevertheless, most people don’t drink enough water every day, resulting in dehydration and fatigue, which can cause serious health problems.

A lack of hydration is most apparent on the skin. When the body is dehydrated, the skin loses moisture, which leads to wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, or brown marks that show your body is aging faster.

What do you often do daily to replenish your body? Drink water? However, it’s pretty boring and I’m not sure you’re patient enough to drink water for a day. It is actually more interesting if you eat fruits to stay hydrated, they contain not only a lot of water and nutrients but are also aromatic and sweet.

Now, getting enough water for your body is no longer difficult. Let’s take a look at what kinds of fruit are good for hydration!

1/ Fruits are necessary for hydrating the body

Fruits are necessary for hydrating the body

Hydration is explained simply as the process of providing water for the body’s cells. In the body, 75% of water is contained in each cell. By keeping the amount of water balanced, nutrients can be transported efficiently to the cells, body temperature is regulated, joints are lubricated, and illnesses and infections are reduced. Furthermore, when your body is supplied with enough water, you will have better sleep and mood.

The simplest way to replenish your body’s water is to drink enough water and supplement it with proper food. In particular, adding fruits to the diet is the optimal option for hydrating the body.

Fruits contain an abundance of water that can be up to 90%. In addition, there are many nutrients, antioxidants, and electrolytes that assist with the absorption of water and nutrients from cells.

Next, Long Produce will suggest you some fruits that are good for hydration. You can add them to your diets right away to have a youthful and healthy body.

 2/ Fruits good for hydration

Fruits good for hydration


When it comes to fruits that are good for hydrating the body, many people will immediately think of watermelon. By containing up to 92% of water, it successfully occupies the number one position in terms of water supply for the body.

As opposed to other fruits, watermelon contains a lower amount of fiber but higher levels of sugar, vitamins C, A, and B, along with substances that are naturally beneficial for the human body. Potassium in watermelon helps maintain and balance the amount of water in the cells and limits muscle tension.

In addition to being a type of fruit good for hydration, watermelon is also beneficial for your eyes and skin. It contains substances that reduce oxidizing agents, improves eyesight, and supports the function of the nervous system.

You can stay hydrated by adding watermelon to your list of favorite fruits, or you can make it into juice or salads.

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When compared to watermelon, strawberry is also a fruit good for hydration with a delicious taste that many people love. It contains 92% of water, a level that is great for the body. By possessing an impressive vitamin C content, strawberries are considered an excellent type of fruit with antioxidant effects, enhancing cell regeneration and preventing some cancer-related diseases. In addition, they also help lower cholesterol and enhance brain activity.

Additionally, strawberries also have a delicious taste that attracts a lot of people, so you can make salad with strawberries, make smoothies, strawberry cakes, etc. In order to enjoy strawberries to their fullest, you should eat them fresh or drink strawberry juice.

Grapefruit or orange

Both grapefruit and orange contain an abundant amount of water. That’s why they should be on the list of fruits that are good for hydration.

The fact that they contain high amounts of vitamin C, low calories, and abundant minerals makes them a good option for women as well as skin-friendly foods. Also, oranges and grapefruits are effective in reducing oxidizing agents, preventing diabetes, and supporting muscle recovery.

According to rumors, grapefruit also has a weight loss effect, but this has not been scientifically proven. Nevertheless, eating grapefruit still brings many health benefits to your body.

Oranges seem to be more popular, but grapefruits contain higher amount of water (up to 91%). However, these two are still considered types of fruit good for hydration.


In comparison to watermelon, melons contain only about 90% water, but they are also water-rich enough to be considered one of the best fruits for hydrating the body. It’s great to eat them on summer days! Their fresh taste will make you immediately forget all the fatigue.

Vitamins A and C in melons are also important for your physical health, contributing to helping you have bright eyes and strengthen resistance, avoiding pathogens.

Apart from eating them fresh, you can make melons into salad or juice, or even add melons to a soda drink to add flavor.


It comes at no surprise to learn that pineapple is also a type of fruit good for hydration. It contains 87% of water!

Although pineapple provides less water to the body compared to the earlier-mentioned fruits, it is more prominent due to its ability of supporting digestion as well as vision, and its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.

There are many recipes to serve pineapple: pineapple juice, pineapple pie, pineapple jam, sautéed pineapple seafood, etc., or you can cut it and eat right away.

3/ Tips for creating juice

You can create juice in two different ways: Crush those fruits with a juicer or blender. A delicious drink with attractive colors and a natural taste will entice you.

Alternatively, you can chop them and soak them for several hours in water. If you want, you can add sugar to make it easier to drink. You can drink it instead of water to make the hydration process more enjoyable.

Don’t forget the importance of replenishing your body with water!  Besides drinking water and eating fruits good for hydration, you can also stay hydrated by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, avoiding stress, and spending more self-care time.

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