Manzano Banana: Facts & Health Benefits

Manzano banana is one of the fruits that people love using daily. Just like kinds of Baby banana, Red banana, or Cavendish banana. This fruit not only owns a naturally delicious flavor but also brings a variety of health benefits. So, what benefits do Manzano bananas really contain? How long is it ripe? 

1. Ripe Manzano banana

Manzano banana

Sometimes Manzano, which is called “apple banana” has a short length, chubby-round body with a little curve. The unripe fruit has a green and thick-hard peel when it is ripe the skin gradually transfers into the yellow, soft peel, characteristic sweet. 

There is a tip to quickly promote its ripe process by wrapping it into a sealed plastic bag. 

After the banana is cut down from the body, it will start its ripe process due to Ethylene gas emitted from its stalks known as a botanic hormone which influences the development. Especially, so that Manzano bananas do not darken as you put them on some planes, you could hang them on by rope or hanger. 

2. The nutrition of Manzano banana 

100-gram (0.2 pound) apple bananas contain nutrients as: 

▶ Vitamin C: 13mg 

▶ Vitamin A: 14 mcg

▶ Vitamin B1: 0.05 mg

▶ Vitamin B2: 0.04 mg

▶ Vitamin B3: 0.07 mg

▶ Calcium: 8 mg

▶ Iron: 1.3 mg

▶ Zinc: 0.2 mg

▶ Sodium: 1.0 mg

▶ Potassium : 370 mg

% Daily value (100 gram = 0.2 pound)

▶ Vitamin C: 22.8%

▶ Riboflavin: 2.4%

▶ Niacin: 3%

▶ Calcium: 0.6%

▶ Iron: 7.3%

▶ ZinC: 2%

▶ Sodium: 0.01%

Thus, we can clearly see that the apple banana accommodates quite a few vitamins, minerals, and essential micronutrients for our body. Therefore, you could choose Manzano bananas to increase your health at the same time protect the body from a lot of diseases

Apple banana is also known as the potassium-rich fruit, with 100-gram apple banana providing 10% daily intakes for the body

3. The benefits of Manzano banana

Manzano banana

Control blood glucose

One of the overwhelming effects of Manzano bananas is the control of blood glucose. This fruit is rich in Pectin which decreases blood sugar after each meal by slowing the empty-stomach process. 

In addition, the fruit line is at a low and average level according to the blood-sugar index ( Glycemic index – GI), the index(0-100) uses to evaluate the food speech increasing blood glucose.

Besides, Vitamin B6 in the banana has a great role to make Hemoglobin that controlling oxygen transports and dealing with blood sugar effectively. 

Improve exsanguinated circumstance

Manzano banana

The amount of vitamin B6 is relatively large, it has an essential role to assist in creating more than blood cells. Moreover, magnesium, vitamin C or Mangan enhance the red-corpuscle creating process, concurrently, improve for the resistance 

Marzano banana support to lose weight effectively

This fruit largely provides power for the that it comprises a high fiber amount. Therefore, increasing the feeling of fullness for a long time, restricting food is added to the body. 

Also, it has a low-sodium amount helping you eat often that does not scare increasing weight. So, do not hesitate to add to your diet!

Maintain memory and boost mood

Manzano banana

Tryptophan is a component in apple bananas. It is a necessary amino acid complement to stimulate the cerebral cortex improving mental health. Therefore, If you have to work in a stressed environment, it will partly help to reduce mental problems as well as keeping the mind relax and happy  

Manzano bananas prevent cancer cells

Lectin is a protein contained in Marzano, it may help to avert the development of leukemia cells. Lectin acts like an antioxidant helping the body to avoid Molecules known as free radicals.

If there are larger free radicals are shaped, and damaged cells occur. the body will potentially lead to cancers 

4. Where can I buy Manzano bananas?

If you were to travel tropical areas such as South America or Asia, you would easily buy Manzano banana in fruit local shops where popularly cultivates this banana

But it is not the only way to enjoy apple bananas, because you also buy them in supermarkets, fruit stores, or organic fruit stores near you. Buying the fruit at international or Spanish markets is also not a bad idea. We extremely recommend buying them when they have a clear origin.

5. The difference – Baby & Manzano bananas?

A lot of people often suppose that they are a similar type, but they are two different kinds of bananas in shape and flavor.

Baby bananas have little like-Cavendish bananas with shape but smaller and thinner, their size often is about three inches long. They possess a unique creamy texture and once ripe their flavor is rich and sweet with vanilla and caramel nuances

While Apple bananas taste sweet with hints of apple and strawberry and a little tart in your mouth at the finish

6. Attentions when eating Manzano banana 

A lot of people think that apple bananas contain nutrient values, so you could eat them anytime and as much as possible, their best taste when the cover is yellow, adding black pots. But this is a misunderstanding.

You do not combine Manzano banana with foods like Potato, watermelon, yogurt

Avoid eating the fruit as you are hungry. Apple bananas will be effective for the digestive system when eating 1-2 hours after a meal. 

you could eat 1 or 2 the fruit each day and combine with other fruits to avoid vitamin superabundance

If you do not be careful in choosing Manzano banana, you will buy the banana which has the amount of pesticide or growth stimulant left on the fruit. Therefore, you could choose the organic banana from organic fruit stores to protect your family.

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