+9 Types of fruit good for low blood pressure?

High blood pressure is largely caused by old age or an unreasonable daily diet. It can lead to serious consequences, such as cardiovascular disease and stroke. In addition to taking blood pressure-lowering medications, another natural remedy to help regulate blood pressure effectively is to adjust the diet with foods with similar blood pressure-lowering properties. According to some studies, many fruits rich in fiber, potassium, calcium, and magnesium are able to lower blood pressure effectively. Here are a few types of fruit good for low blood pressure you can add to your daily diet.

1/  Why are fruits good for lowering blood pressure?

Are fruits good for lowering blood pressure? The answer is yes, because of the effects of the important nutritional components present in them, including:

Fiber: As fiber reduces LDL cholesterol levels, inflammation and blood pressure, it plays an essential role in the diet of people with hypertension and cardiovascular disease. You can significantly reduce your risk of stroke if you eat foods high in fiber every day, as they help prevent circulatory disease. This is the first reason why fruit is good for lowering high blood pressure.

Magnesium: The magnesium in fruits increases the elasticity of blood vessels and dissolves blood clots as they form, which protect the heart muscle and reduce artery spasms. To lower blood pressure, magnesium blocks calcium from moving into arteries and heart cells, reducing stress on the body’s circulatory system.

According to clinical studies, maintaining the magnesium intake required for 3 months significantly lowers high blood pressure: Calcium is a substance that exists in parallel with magnesium, they go together and support each other. In addition, calcium also promotes the expansion of blood vessels.

If the body lacks calcium, it can lead to the narrowing of the artery walls, which could negatively affect the blood. However, if there is not enough calcium in the blood, the body will replace it by drawing calcium from the bones, causing osteoarthritis. Studies have shown that the calcium in fruits does not increase the risk of heart disease as it does when taken as calcium supplements so that’s why fruits are good for lowering blood pressure.

Potassium: potassium is involved in blood pressure management by reducing the spasms of blood vessels. It interacts with each other to regulate the water balance in the body. Additionally, potassium promotes excessive excretion of excess sodium through urine to reduce high blood pressure, this can help prevent stroke. That’s why potassium is one of the reasons why fruits possess blood pressure-lowering properties.

What’s more, fresh fruits are rich in antioxidants that help restore damaged arteries.

2/ Types of fruit good for lowering blood pressure

The fruits listed below are rich in minerals which are beneficial for cardiovascular health. Including them on the menu will help supplement the body’s nutrition, prevent and improve high blood pressure, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and minimize stroke risks.


One of the most potassium-rich fruits is bananas, so it’s important to mention them first when it comes to fruit good for lowering blood pressure. A medium-sized banana contains  442 times the amount of potassium in it, which means it is very effective in maintaining blood pressure. Moreover, bananas are rich in magnesium, so it is a great choice for patients with hypertension to consume every day.

In addition to bananas, there are some fruits that also contain high levels of potassium including apricots, passion fruits,…

Bananas – fruit good for low blood pressure

Citrus fruits

The citrus fruit family, which includes oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, and lemons, is rich in vitamins, minerals, and plant nutrients. Citric acid and flavonoid, two active ingredients involved in these fruits, reduce blood pressure and are heart-healthy. As a result, studies recommend that orange juice, grapefruit juice, and lemon juice be added to the nutritional diet of people with high blood pressure to lower their blood pressure index.

However, these fruits contain a lot of acids, most of which are in lemons. Therefore, if you have stomach-related diseases, you should limit the use of these fruits.


Berries contain a lot of antioxidant chemicals, including anthocyanins. It has been shown that this substance helps expand the walls of the arteries, which lowers blood pressure and improves cardiovascular health. That is why some berries such as blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, etc. They are often recommended by doctors as fruits which are good for lowering blood pressure.

Cantaloupe Melons

Among the fruits good for maintaining blood pressure, melons also show up on the list, which means it is good for patients with hypertension. Melons contain carotenoids that prevent the hardening and narrowing of the arteries and veins, allowing blood to circulate more easily throughout the body. These minerals and fiber found in this fruit also absorb cholesterol, which is beneficial for the cardiovascular system.

Cantaloupe Melons – fruit good for low blood pressure


Scientific research has shown that people with mild hypertension can eat kiwi daily to lower their blood pressure readings because kiwi contains large amounts of potassium, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, etc. All of them are considered beneficial substances for blood pressure and cardiovascular health. Kiwis are listed as fruit type worth consuming to lower high blood pressure.


Watermelon is a succulent type of fruit and is very favorable in the hot season.  They contain an amino acid called L-citrulline, which has the effect of lowering blood pressure and has been scientifically proven. What’s more, watermelon also contains fiber, lycopene, vitamin A, B vitamins, and potassium. Therefore, they deserve to be added to people’s detoxifying-fruit list with many processing recipes such as desserts, salads, or juice.


Pomegranates are on the list of fruits beneficial for blood pressure because they are rich in potassium and fiber – which regulate blood pressure effectively. You can consume pomegranates regularly to regulate blood pressure readings. However, consider carefully when adding sugar to pomegranate juice. If unsweetened pomegranate juice is not suitable for you, you can add a little sugar. This amount of sugar should be very small because sugar and salt are two factors that should not be added to the diet of people with high blood pressure.

Pomegranates – fruit good for low blood pressure


Avocados are high in oleic acid, which has a miraculous effect on regulating blood pressure and reducing blood fat. Avocados are also rich in potassium and folate, both of which are good for heart health. In addition, avocados also contain antioxidant components such as vitamins A, K, B, E, etc. Therefore, this type of fruit is not only good for lowering high blood pressure but is also used in improving the skin and hair.


Many people believe that grapes contain a large amount of sugar so they are not a type of fruit that is good for lowering blood pressure. However, most grapes are rich in esters, acids, and vitamins that are beneficial for the health of the immune system. They relieve hypertension, lower bad cholesterol, and improve heart health. Grape flavonoids have been shown to help repair capillaries, thin down the blood, and increase the elasticity of blood cells. Grapes are high in sugar and should be avoided by overweight and obese individuals in the same way as bananas.


Guavas are fruits good for lowering blood pressure because they contain up to 28% of the potassium needed every day for an adult’s body. Besides vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial for blood pressure, guava also contains fiber, folate, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin A, niacin, vitamin B5, and vitamin B6. People should consider consuming guava every day to improve their health as well as to lower blood pressure.

Guavas – fruit good for low blood pressure

3/ Some advice for people with hypertension

Besides eating fruits, consuming leafy green vegetables is also a good option for people with blood pressure problem like hypertension.

Fruit is good for lowering blood pressure, however, if you eat too many sugar-high fruits, it can lead to obesity and other health problems.

For blood pressure improvement, along with a strict and scientifically controlled diet, an exercise plan that is suitable for you, and giving up smoking and consuming alcohol are also necessary.

Think about the stressors in your daily life and gradually eliminate them. You can talk to a counselor, learn meditation or anger management techniques to relieve stress.

Try to go to bed before 10PM and 11PM and get at least 7 hours of sleep per night.

Regularly check your blood pressure or ask your doctor for help when necessary.

Here’s some advice from Long Produce on which types of fruit good for low blood pressure.  Every day, eat a variety of fruits everyday to help keep your blood pressure levels in check, reducing the chance of heart disease and stroke. Remember that fruits are with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant compounds that are very beneficial to the body.

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