“Pioneered by a vision of revolutionizing the produce industry, Long Produce was founded in 2009. Our passion is to introduce a wide variety of fruits and vegetables catering to all customers of ethnic background. With a customer focus quest, we strive to achieve the highest standards for our quality, customer service, food safety, and serve as a centralized logistic hub.

One of the most crucial aspects of our Company business model is the alliance with our direct farms from domestic to global growers. With the beneficial partnership, we are able ensure consistency for supply in meeting our customer needs. Quality focused is without an exception when it comes to product selections as we pride ourselves with one criterion in mind, that is quality excellence. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the most advance technology in the industry with the capability of housing all products in a temperature-controlled environment, which always ensures our products maintain freshness.

Customer experience is placed with the upmost priority as we understand that customer’s time is of the essence. We have a wonderful customer service staff that is readily available to assist with all your needs. Our staff is attentive, energetic, and knowledgeable with a desire to satisfy every customer inquiry.

At Long Produce, food safety is a discipline. Our facility is HACCP compliant and possess a third-party audit certification. We maintain strict control over all aspects of our produce distribution operation; from supply chain management to the temperature of the produce delivered to your facility.  Our food safety program is maintained through a partnership with food safety consultants that are one of the most prominent leaders in the food safety industry.

Long Produce provides a unique logistical hub service in which we serve as a centralized location to receive incoming products for connecting transportation of delivery for intrastate and interstate destinations. Products may vary from fresh, dry, and frozen. This specialized service allows an alternative transportation channel for all who has a desire to deliver products to their customers. We are proud of this added service, as we have assisted many satisfied customers over the years.

Our foundation comprised of quality, reliability, and customer service excellence has placed Long Produce as one of the most reputable company in the produce sector. With the great support from our customers and grower partners, we will continue our quest to provide excellent quality products for years to come.”

Our Team

Our foundation and success is a reflection of our wonderful staff at Long Produce who shares the vision of customer excellence. The commitment and dedication displayed from our staff promotes a unity with one focus in mind that is our customers’ needs.


Our Farms

From the soil to the seed, everything has to be all wholesome the way we take care of, for our greenie friend’s both mental and physical health.