• Minimal Process

    Trying to save as much your golden time as possible for minimal experiences
  • Rapid Delivery

    Striving for our customer happiness across every single precious second on delivery
  • Active Response

    Deeply listening to our customers for the best support of solutions

Original Seed

Ensure every seed in our selection to be pure and healthy from root to bulk

Cultivate Wholesome

Stay alive for each gem we found with like- minded fellows

Global Connect

Gather a wide range of exotic specialty

share fresh produce

deliver happiness


The process of selecting our gems of produce is the most careful part of the work as we focus on not only both food safety and quality assurance but the environment issues.

Environment Friendly

Standard Quality

Wholesome Selection


With the belief that everyone deserves to taste the novelty of fruits and vegetables, Jennii - our innovative woman started to connect a global community of growers, collect a diverse source of specialties and share with people in corners of the world.

In 2009, on the profound way of a novelty seeker for new produce gems, she established Long Produce with the idea of spreading a new wind of specialty in the fruits and vegetables industry along with the exclusive story behind each gem she found.

Our Farms

From the soil to the seed, everything has to be all wholesome the way we take care of, for our greenie friend’s both mental and physical health

Our Team

We sustain the powerful teamwork by breaking the gap between bosses and employers but empowering them to build a wholesome environment at work. We believe the wholesome mindset has a critical impact on the wholesome produce we are carrying

Our Care

We acknowledge a sustainable not only our environment but our friends around the world, by sharing our wholesome food to help people on the way to pursuing happiness is the ultimate success