9 Common Types of Celery

Celery is one of the most popular that appears in almost kitchens in the world. Here are 9 kinds of celery that are used commonly in the world. 

1. General Information about Celery 

Celery belongs to the Apiaceae family that is the same as carrots, parsley, celeriac. There are no clear documents about the origins of this vegetable. However, the development of celery has been formed for about a thousand years. It has light fresh green in color or is based on the different varieties. When coming to eating, the taste is lightly sweet and crunchy. 

This vegetable is trophic with different benefits with 95% of water and various minerals such as vitamin  K, C, A, folate, potassium, calcium, and protein. Hence, this is of benefits such as good for avoiding inflammation, lowering the risk of cancer and blood pressure, enhancing the activities of cells, especially for weight-loss dietary.

2. Kinds of Celery

  • Conquistador

Types of Celery

This variety is flexible to grow all-around year. The plant can be well developed under moisture and temperature stress and as well as medium-level fertile soil. Conquistador is usually grown and collected in winter-spring periods in California and Arizona. This kind is firm and crispy in texture along with light sweetness in taste. You can recognize this variety by straight, hard, and light green in color.

  • Giant Red

Giant Red is a remarkable kind of celery with a large size and colorful appearance. The stalk and the stem are purple and turn to a pink color when blanching. The plant has a hard texture with small- to medium-size leaves. The taste of giant red is a traditional flavor of celery. Its taste can be changed based on the climate.

Giant Red can be grown in the late spring or early summer. The variety includes the ability of disease-resistant and cold-hard. This is widely grown in England by numerous generations of local farmers.

  • Golden Pascal

Types of Celery

Golden Pascal, as known as, Giant Pascal, Winter King, is one of the most ancient and biggest kinds of celery all over the world. The stalk can reach up to 20 inches and nearly 2 inches in thickness. The color is usually yellow-white stalk. On biting experience, this celery is juicy, crispy, and string-free. Golden Pascal is regularly developed in autumn and winter. This kind can be grown and developed in different types of moisture soil.

  • Tall Utah

Tall Utah is believed to be the biggest kind of celery in the world. This celery comprises a good disease resistance The vegetable was developed in the year of 1953. This kind prefers a cool temperature. Both stalk and leaves of Tall Utah can be eaten, hence, this is widely used in plentiful dishes. When coming to eating, the vegetable is a firm and crispy texture and a strong taste. Tall Utah is usually fresh green in color.

  • Tango Hybrid

Types of Celery

This is a significant advancement of celery. Similar to Conquistador, Tango Hybrid is easy to adapt to different climates. However, the taste and quantity of Tango are better than the one. Time to grow and harvest is also shorter than other kinds, approximately 90 days. The mature plant can reach up to a few inches. About the stalk, it is thick, fresh, crunchy, succulent, and slightly sweet in flavor. This is usually seen to be dark green in color.

  • Monterey

This is a hybrid kind of celery. Monterey is strongly in the south of Europe, especially Spain. It is the leading celery in the Spanish market. In the UK, this celery is common as well as preserved longer than others in the autumn. Monterey comprises a medium-level resistance. The leaves are straight and raised. The stalk can be 11 inches in length. Regularly, the color of this celery is dark green with fleshy and slightly sweet.

  • Nan Ling Cutting

This can be one of the smallest kinds of celery. Nan Ling Cutting is usually found in Asia. Its time of development is shorter than different kinds of celery. Its stalk and size are smaller than its relative in the United States that probably reaches up to 12 to 18 inches. Even though the level of crisp is less than others, Nan Ling Cutting’s taste is stronger than ever. Hence, it is both used as herbs or main ingredients for cooking. The even green color is often seen when picking Nan Ling Cutting.

  • d’Elne Green Celery

Types of Celery

d’Elne Green is originated in France. This kind is usually cultivated from April to June and when coming to the end of  July, it can be harvested until October. A mature plant can develop up to 19 to 21 inches. The variety is easy to grow in different climates.  d’Elne Green is favored by food lovers with the featured taste. It is crunchy and trophic. The color of this celery is deep light green in leaves and stalks.

  • White Plume

White plume celery was presented in 1884 by Peter Henderson and Company of New York. When being introduced, this celery was widely grown and developed across the whole United States. The appearance of the vegetable was more and more even in the garden or the luxury restaurant because of its charming characteristics. 

White plume celery is also attractive with small size, just about 12 inches in height. Stalks are white while leaves are light yellow. When coming to the taste, this celery is crunchy and juicy, as tasting a pear. In the 19th century, it was one of the most common presents in the Christmas holiday. However, the vegetable has less appeared because it was more difficult to preserve than others.

These are some common kinds of celery that are widely being used all over the world. Consuming an accurate amount of this vegetable can help you improve your health well. However, you should notice if you have itching and swelling symptoms after eating celery, probably you are allergic to this vegetable. Ask the doctor for the reason, if not, it can lead to some serious problems.

Beyond the 9 kinds of celery mentioned above, there are many different types of this vegetable across the world that we do not know clearly. One thing sure is that you should add celery into your meal diet since it is a great food source. Not only fresh celery but also powder celery is widely used to be a popular ingredient for cooking and beauty tips.

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