10 Benefits of Enoki Mushroom You Need To Know About 

Enoki Mushroom is one of the world’s healthiest foods packed with healthy nutrients. Benefits of Enoki mushroom include promoting digestive health, reducing cancer risk, lowering cholesterol, losing weight and many more. Enoki mushroom is also used in medicine and always appears in the daily meals of Asians. Let’s discover the benefits of this wonderful mushroom now!

1. Nutritional Value Of Enoki Mushroom

Specifically, 125 grams of Enoki mushroom contains approximately:

  • Calories: 24
  • Carbs: 5g
  • Fiber: 1.8g
  • Protein: 1.7g
  • Fat: 0.2g
  • Vitamin B6: 0.07 mg
  • Niacin (vitamin B3): 4.6 mg
  • Riboflavin (vitamin B2): 0.1 mg
  • Rhiamine (vitamin B1): .15 mg
  • Folate (vitamin B9): 31 micrograms

Although they contain many vitamins and minerals, they contain no cholesterol. This is very good for health and physique. So, you can eat them comfortably and rest assured to enjoy their full nutrients.

2. Some Outstanding Benefits of Enoki Mushroom 

Enoki Mushrooms are a favorite with meals because of their crunchy, delicious texture and refreshing flavor that gives them a unique flavor. Not only that, but they also provide a long list of amazing health benefits. Here are some enoki mushroom benefits that will make you want to buy them on the next market: 

Rich in nutrients is outstanding Benefits of Enoki Mushroom 

Benefits of Enoki Mushroom

Enoki mushrooms are rich in nutritional value, they provide the body with a large amount of fiber and vitamins. One cup of enoki mushrooms (about 65 grams) contains about 24 calories with 2 grams of protein, 0.2 grams of fat, 5 grams of starch, 2 grams of fiber, .. and many other healthy fiber minerals…

In particular, enoki mushrooms also contain a lot of niacin – this is a micronutrient that the body uses to stabilize cholesterol levels and promote brain health.

Each serving of enoki mushrooms contains a healthy amount of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), which the body uses to synthesize fatty acids. In addition, enoki mushrooms are also rich in thiamine – a substance that helps regulate the function of nerve cells.

Prevent the growth of cancer cells

Benefits of Enoki Mushroom

Studies show that enoki mushrooms have the ability to help you prevent the growth of cancer cells. Besides, a protein found in enoki mushrooms has also been shown to reduce tumor activity in liver cancer cells. In addition, other studies also show that eating enoki mushrooms helps the body limit the risk of breast cancer. However, this effect needs to be studied more closely.

Promotes heart health

One of the great enoki mushroom benefits that you cannot ignore is its ability to promote heart health. An animal experiment showed that rats that consumed enoki mushroom extract tended to have lower levels of bad cholesterol in the blood.

In addition, studies have also shown that the content of antioxidants present in enoki mushrooms has the ability to prevent atherosclerosis, prevent the accumulation of fatty plaques, and limit diseases related to atherosclerosis. Therefore, adding enoki mushrooms to your daily meal is a good way to help you protect your heart health.

Benefits of Enoki Mushroom – Improve brain function

Benefits of Enoki Mushroom

It’s surprising to know that one of the enoki mushroom benefits includes boosting brain function and improving memory. Animal studies have shown that compounds found in enoki mushrooms have the ability to fight memory decline and enhance learning. Moreover, another study reported that combining enoki mushrooms with ginsenosides was able to enhance brain function and reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Increases resistance

Increasing resistance is one of the most prominent enoki mushroom benefits. Enoki mushrooms contain a large number of antioxidants and many nutrients that help increase resistance. Animal study showed that enoki mushroom extracts were able to reduce respiratory inflammation in rats. Adding enoki mushrooms to daily meals will help increase resistance, improve health and reduce the risk of dangerous diseases.

Enoki mushroom helps lower blood pressure

The high amount of potassium in enoki mushrooms is also an important feature that helps reduce blood pressure and promote heart health. Specifically, potassium plays an important role in dilating blood vessels, reducing pressure on blood vessel walls, thereby helping blood move better in the body. Therefore, enoki mushrooms are an indispensable food in the diet of people with high blood pressure, they help stabilize blood pressure and protect heart health.

Benefits of Enoki Mushroom – Balance the sugar level in the body

Enoki mushroom contains a lot of fiber – a substance that has many health benefits. It contributes to lower blood sugar levels, lower bad cholesterol levels while minimizing weight levels. In addition, fiber is also an important substance to help you promote intestinal health, effectively controlling sugar levels. They minimize the effect of insulin thereby promoting the body to limit fat accumulation.

Reduce body fat

Benefits of Enoki Mushroom

Enoki mushroom also has the function of reducing excess fat. They help reduce the amount of fat in the intestines, and they also have the ability to burn fat internally, thereby helping to make the body healthier, limiting the risk of diseases related to visceral fat. Therefore, you can eat more enoki mushrooms to reduce excess body fat.

Good for anemia patients

Anemia means that your body is lacking iron, so to improve this, you need to eat foods rich in iron. Luckily, enoki mushrooms are exactly what you’re looking for. They have the ability to strengthen iron for the body thereby reducing the risk of anemia. 

Easy to make delicious dishes

Benefits of Enoki Mushroom

Delicious taste, making you delicious is also one of the great enoki mushroom benefits. They are known to be a nutritious dish, with crispy and thick meat, a cool taste, and a light feeling when eaten. You can enjoy enoki mushrooms in many different ways such as making salads, mannequins or processing them into cooked dishes such as soups, stir-fries, hotpots, etc. When making enoki mushrooms, add a little sesame oil, Soy sauce will make the dish more attractive.

3. Buying And Storing Guide 

To reap all the enoki mushroom benefits, be sure that you buy the best quality mushrooms. To do this, double-check and make sure the flesh of the mushroom is not rotten, damaged, or diseased. When storing, cover them with cling film and store them in the refrigerator.

Here are some enoki mushroom benefits that are super healthy. Enoki mushroom is an ideal food that you can add to your daily menu. Currently, Long Produce is providing the freshest enoki mushroom. Contact us to buy now: Enoki Mushroom 


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