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Emily J.

I’m looking for some exotic fruits and vegetables for my next cooking show. I called around a few produce companies. They quickly hung up when they knew that I was looking for a small amount of products they were not interested in helping me. When I called Long Produce, the person who answered the phone didn’t know what I was looking for, but he passed me on to a salesperson instead of cutting me off. Jennii tried to understand what I was looking for and even insisted on helping to find it since they didn’t have it in stock. She then calls me back later with the information. I cannot thank them enough for the service they provided and helped me find what I need for my show.

Mike S.

Since the pandemic hit, finding a truck to do multiple pick up has been challenging. Each additional pick adds on to an unimaginable freight. But in the midst of all that, I found Long Produce, a company that can help me consolidate with all my dry, chill, and frozen products, and with their flexible working hours, we avoid late pickup and delayed delivery. If you are looking for a produce company to assist with consolidation and the transportation of your goods, Long Products is the one.

Kurt W.

Their friendliness will make your day better. I called to look for short items. They happen to have it in stock. I was expecting them to gouge me with the price since I’ve never bought from them before, especially since the items are limited. But I was surprised by how their service was. I have been their customer since then and make weekly purchases with them. It’s been a pleasure working with these people. They take care of my business as if it were their own. Great service.

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